Lynn Lott interviews Jane Nelson on attachment parenting, Aug 2009

Jane Nelson and Lynn Lott talk about encouragement, Sept 2009

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If you are implementing Positive Discipline as a newcomer or a veteran, as a parent or a teacher, have you found that it is often easier said than done? Have you wished there were people you could connect with to ask questions, share challenges—and successes? If you are a Positive Discipline Parent Educator, have you wished for a place to ask questions, share ideas, new activities, new agendas? This is the place!

This is the website for the non-profit Positive Discipline Association. If you are interested in becoming a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, go to this site and click on “Training” to find dates and locations. While there, browse the site for articles, questions and answers on parenting and teaching discipline challenges, and much more. This website also includes a speaker’s bureau if you are looking for someone to come to your area to do a workshop or training for either parents or teachers. You can also find a list of parenting coaches.

For more than you ever wanted to know, you could spend hours reading articles, questions and answers, listen to free podcasts, purchase all of the Positive Discipline books, and sign up for Jane Nelsen’s blog for continuing updates. This is where you contact Jane Nelsen for speaking engagements, workshops, and parent coaching.

Here’s the place to go for everything you wanted to know about Alfred Adler, Individual Psychology, NASAP (North American Society of Adlerian Psychology), including their yearly conferences, and more.