PARENTING YOUR TEEN: Video Self-Study Course

Solving the Mystery. Keeping Your Sanity.

You're a good parent: paying attention, trying to teach your teen skills, trying to hold him/her accountable. Yet do you also find yourself:

  • Mired in arguments over how much freedom your teen should have?
  • Trying to figure out how to manage technology in a way that doesn't make you crazy?
  • Worried about the long term impact of some of the choices your teen is making?
  • Tired of attitude, broken promises or hashing out the same problems week after week?

We have solutions here! Short, topical video lessons in five minutes or less featuring real parents with real challenges.

31 videos in all, view this one at no charge, How To Deal With Worrying

This self-study course helps parents of teens transition from pilot to co-pilot – without being pushed from the cockpit or going down in flames. Your job gets easier as your teen builds important life skills and social skills using these effective, teen-tested parenting videos.

  • The most critical skills shape a strong relationship with your teen, having them feel valued for their contributions
  • Respectful, firm language to handle conflict and share concerns
  • What to say - and what not to say - so your teen feels safe sharing thoughts and feelings
  • Help your teen be more confident and hopeful because of your support and their growing sense of competence
  • Tools to better handle your own behavior under stress, so you can do things differently next time
  • How to share your feelings honestly and respectfully - and invite the same from your teen
  • A simple framework for problem solving and finding solutions together, letting them develop their own values, beliefs and goals
  • Extensive role play, so you can see why a suggested approach is more effective
  • Lots of encouragement as you parent your teen!

These principals and tools can make: less stress, better relationship, give you more influence. Your teen will develop the life skills they need to be successful, because you'll be offering opportunities for practice day by day. Hang in there! Your teen still needs you - no matter how they try to deny it!

These lessons have been created by Lynn Lott and Kimberly Gonsalves and are based on Positive Discipline for Teenagers: Empowering Your Teen Through Kind and Firm Parenting, Revised 3rd Edition, 2012 by Jane Nelsen, Ed. D. and Lynn Lott, M.A., M.M.F.T. and Solving The Mystery of Parenting Teens by Lynn Lott, Alicia Wang and Kimberly Gonsalves.

Package price for 31 videos (including the one shown above):

List Price: $45.00
Your Price: $34.99