Encouragement Consultant (EC) Trainings

What is an EC Training?

EC is a training to learn how to encourage yourself and others and how to meet and then re-parent your inner child. The training is made up of experiential activities that are all applied Adlerian psychology. The activities for the training come from Lott’s books Do It Yourself Therapy and To Know Me Is To Love Me.

Easy Steps for Working with Lynn Lott

What you do:
  1. Organize a group that would like to learn from Lynn
  2. Collect fees and find a spot for the group to meet
  3. Arrange for translators as needed
  4. Work out a budget with Lynn which includes travel expenses, lodging, participant materials/books, and Lynn’s fees.

What Lynn does:
  1. Provides the outline for the training
  2. Offers opportunities for you to co-teach with Lynn so you can learn by doing
  3. Presents a lively, interactive and informative training that leaves folks with skills and materials to conduct further trainings on their own
  4. Sets up mentor opportunities for you as needed
  5. Issues appropriate certificates to participants and trainers


The focus of the training is to help you create awareness and acceptance of yourself and small action steps to make your life better. Think of this training as PD Plus. You've been learning how to use PD with children. Now you'll discover ways to apply PD and Adlerian psychology to adult relationships and how to pass this wisdom on to your clients or people who want to feel more encouraged.

You’ll have opportunities to learn and practice activities you can use in a therapy or coaching setting to maximize your success as a helping person. Lott will teach you how to set up one on one sessions and group sessions to help encourage others, even if you aren’t a licensed provider. These sessions can be virtual or in person.

Lott introduced EC trainings in China in 2015 and the result has been a surge of interest along with many opportunities for people to encourage themselves and others. EC trainings can be 2 or 3 days long. The 3-day training has more time for practice and feedback, but many people go on to start their own Encouragement Consulting businesses after only a 2-day training. These businesses are extremely popular in China.

How can you sponsor an EC training?

If you have a group of 15-30 people who would like to attend an EC training, you can invite Lynn to come to your area to teach the training. The training cost is $150/person/training day. So a 2-day training is $300/person and a 3-day training is $450/person.

After pre-approval with the sponsoring organization, Lynn will cover costs of room rental, supplies, and travel from the collected fees. Local groups can host snacks and beverages if they like. Lynn prefers to stay in a private home so there are no expenses for lodging. It’s up to group attendees to find their own lodging and cover the cost as well as their travel expenses. It is up to the local provider to register attendees and collect fees, find a room for the training, and provide supplies.

Also included in the expenses are downloadable files of Do It Yourself Therapy and To Know Me Is To Love Me for each registrant. It is up to attendees to print their own copies of the two books, which is highly recommended. Depending on expenses, Lynn will negotiate a split of the remainder of the funds with the local host. The more people attending and the lower the expenses, the higher the profit and the higher the split to local sponsors. (Splits will most likely range between 15-25% depending on number of registrants and expenses.)

If you have questions, feel free to email Lynn. If you have an interest in putting a training together, let me know and I’ll send you a proposed outline for the training based on the number of training days. I could send you a lot of testimonials from China, but they’d all say the same thing: we loved the training, we learned a lot, we are already holding one on one sessions and small groups and we are charging for our services.