Meet Lynn Lott - Relationship Coach

Lynn Lott

Lynn was a licensed marriage and family therapist for 34 years and as of 2012, no longer holds a license with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Lynn is an encouragement consultant and life coach who focuses on positive discipline and encouragement. If this is OK with you, you can work together.

Lynn is a student of Adlerian psychology. According to Alfred Adler, all problems are problems of relationships, including those you have with others and the one you have with yourself. Lynn can help you narrow down the relationship you need help with and can teach you tools to encourage yourself and others. Relationships start getting better quickly when you work with Lynn.

Lynn’s coaching sessions are held online at Skype, WeChat or FaceTime. To set up a coaching session, email Lynn at Payment in advance is necessary and can be made through Paypal (button below). Lynn's coaching fee is $150/hour.

About Lynn

Lynn has been coaching others since 1970 helping parents, couples, teens, and adults with a myriad of issues including folks who have anger issues, physical problems that have lingered in spite of medical interventions, full blown panic attacks and unresolved relationship issues.. She is direct, supportive and helpful. Her reputation is that of a person who gets to the heart of the problem in the first visit. She'll help you learn about yourself, discover how to solve problems, show you how to make tough times better, and enjoy a laugh or two while you work together.

Lynn teaches that it's not what happens to you but what you make of it that shapes your life. Your personality is more a result of your subconscious decisions than nature or nurture. Thus, with awareness, acceptance and small action steps, you can discover your hidden decisions and find new options.

More about Lynn

Lynn holds the honor of diplomate in her professional organization – The North American Society of Adlerian Psychologists. She is an internationally-known speaker, author of 22 books, Encouragement Consultant and co-founder of the Positive Discipline Association. Lynn has been coaching people around the world to improve their relationships since 1970 when she started her career as a parent educator. People appreciate her lively, playful, interactive, and impactful work. Lynn holds two master’s degrees: a masters in marriage and family counseling from the University of San Francisco and a master’s degree in psychology from Sonoma State University.